Current Promotions

These are our current promotions. Promotions cannot be combined or “stacked” unless otherwise stated. Promotions subject to change at any time without notice.

Membership Promotions

  • If three memberships join together (must sign up at the same time in person), all three may receive 25% off the initiation fee. If four or more memberships join together, the whole group may receive 50% off the initiation fee. The Harbour Pointe Badminton Club refers to one membership as one account, meaning although there are multiple people in a couple and family membership, they are both equivalent to one membership.
  • Employees of Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and T-Mobile are eligible for 10% off the initiation fee upon signing up. Must show company ID upon signing up.
  • If you are trying to leave another local badminton club to join the Harbour Pointe Badminton Club but have to pay cancellation fees, show us the bill and we will credit the amount to your initiation fee so you can have a smooth and hassle-free transition to the Harbour Pointe Badminton Club. For example, if you have a monthly membership elsewhere and are still forced to pay after you quit, we can apply the amount of that fee to your initiation fee when you join here. The new member must sign up at the Harbour Pointe Badminton Club location. Only valid for standard cancellation fees for monthly membership. May not be redeemed for cash; discount to be applied to initiation fee only upon sign-up. This offer may be combined with other initiation fee discounts, but total discounts may not equal more than 100% off.

Referral Promotions

  • If you refer a new member to join either the Bellevue or Harbour Pointe locations, you will receive a month of membership for free after they have been a member for 3 full months. Click the following link for more details on this promotion: Membership Referral Reward Information
  • If you refer three new students to join the Jr Program at the Harbour Pointe or Bellevue Badminton Club locations, you may purchase any racket in the Pro Shop free of charge–stringing service not included. New students must participate in and pay for a full class session (8 weeks). Students being referred must be first time students.
  • If a current student refers a new student to take classes in our Jr Program for one full session. Both the current student and the new student will be eligible for a 25% discount off class tuition for the next full session. If a current student refers two students then they are eligible for 25% off two class sessions, and so on. These referrals may also count towards earning a free racket as mentioned in the previous promotion. This promotion only applies if the new student joins the Harbour Pointe location (not our Bellevue location). For example if a Bellevue Badminton Club student refers another student to Harbour Pointe then the promotion would apply to both students. If a Harbour Pointe student refers another student to Bellevue then the promotion would not apply to either student.

Drop-in Promotions

All non-members may drop-in to play during business hours only. Members may not bring drop-ins in outside business hours–no exceptions. All drop-in promotions do not include racket or shoe rental. All players must have non-marking, indoor court shoes in order to play and prevent damage to the courts. Those without proper footwear will be asked to change shoes. Running shoes are not court shoes and will mark the courts. A fine may be issued for damaging the courts. (We don’t want to issue this fine, so please come prepared!)

  • “First time free.” If it is your first time dropping into the Harbour Pointe Badminton Club, show your Washington State ID at the front desk to create an account and receive a complimentary drop-in pass for the day. May not be shared with other drop-ins. One time use.

Pro Shop

  • All members may receive 5% off all Pro Shop merchandise except for stringing service, equipment rental, and food/drink items.
  • Buy a new racket and get free strings. Either a racket will come pre-strung, or in the case that it isn’t, you may receive a free stringing service. May be any type of string from the Pro Shop. Must be redeemed at time of purchase.