Junior Classes

Badminton Classes are a fun way to get fit while playing a fast-paced, non-contact sport for all ages and skill levels. Our goal is to create a safe, high-energy environment for juniors to learn and practice new techniques, promote good sportsmanship. We expect our students to focus, ask questions, and exercise good sportsmanship in order to benefit the most from each class.

Our classes are structured in 8 week sessions, but new students are welcome to join at any time during the session. We found the students who improve the most take what they learn during class and practice outside of class time. Discounted rates are offered for students who are also members to encourage practice outside of class hours. Juniors are considered ages 7-18, or grades 1-12.

Each new student may schedule a 5 minute assessment with the coach in order to be placed into a class. We are accepting new students at all times throughout the session.

  • All shuttles will be provided for class.
  • Each student will need a racket and non-marking, indoor court shoes.

Limited supply available for rent.

  • Mini

    This class is for our youngest students (5-7 years old) accompanied by a parent or a relative during all classes and will focus on gripping the racket correctly and making contact with the bird. Once students can perform these skills as well as stay focused for an hour of class, they will be ready for the Smash Class.

  • Smash Class

    This group class is for beginning students as an introductory to the basics of badminton. New Students will begin in Smash 1 and will learn the rules and etiquette of badminton, forehand and backhand grips, basic over hand and underhand shots, and basic footwork and body positioning.
    Once students of the smash class can capably perform the skills learned (culminating with the 'smash' shot) and demonstrate great work ethic and attitude, they will be ready to move to Smash 2 where there will be a greater emphasis on court coverage, shot quality/control, and basic game strategy.
    CLICK HERE to schedule an assessment with one of our coaches

  • Competitor Class

    This class is for students who have met all the requirements of the Smash class. Students in this class will learn footwork to cover the whole court, as well as develop more advanced shots and techniques. Physical fitness will be integrated into this class to start building speed, strength, and coordination. Upon completion of this class students will be able to start competing at the local Jr level, hence the name "Competitor."
    CLICK HERE to schedule an assessment with one of our coaches

  • Jr Elite/Elite

    The last stop before Team classes, students will learn to command their movement in all directions and polish their form and technique. Students of this class are expected to play badminton at least 3 times per week to maintain and improve solid fundamentals, as well as compete at the local level. This class will work on improving physical fitness in conjunction with introducing more strategy to the game.

  • Jr Program Promotions

    Refer three friends to the Jr program and receive a free racket.
    --You must currently be enrolled in the Jr Program in order to refer a friend. Your friend must not be currently enrolled in the Jr Program. Friends must sign up for a full session. You may choose any racket in the Pro Shop.
    Refer a friend and get 25% off one session.
    --When you refer a friend to class, both you and your friend will get 25% one class session. You may choose either the current session or the following session, however if you refer multiple friends you may only apply one discount per session.
    10% Sibling Discount.
    --If more than one sibling registers for classes during the same session, one sibling will pay full price while each subsequent sibling enrolled in classes of equal or less value (price) will receive 10% off. 15% Member Discount.
    --If the student is a current member, they will receive 15% class tuition.

Adult Skill & Drills -- Wednesday 8:30pm-9:30pm

Adults are considered ages 18+

-All shuttles will be provided for classes
-Must have non-marking court shoes. Limited sizes available for rent.
-Must have a racket. Limited supply available for rent.

A mix of drills aimed to cover all the basic shots and footwork in badminton necessary to building a strong foundation. The skills and drills learned and practiced each week will vary, and the class will be structured around an 8 week session.

This class runs for 8 weeks from Mar. 4, 2019 through Apr. 22, 2019. The session rate is $17.50/class which is only available through the first day of class.

Discount Deadline Extended!

Sign up by 3/1/19 to get the 5% early bird discount!

$25 /drop-in class

$120 /8-class session + $20 Sign Up