Badminton America Leagues: Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


Each league will play a season followed by a playoff for those that qualify. The season will consist of “ties” which are a series of matches that one team will play against another. For example in the Corporate Division, two teams will play a tie of 5 doubles matches. The winner of the tie will be the team that wins the most matches. The teams with the most ties won at the end of the season will qualify for the playoffs. Different leagues may have different qualification rules.

For Badminton America Leagues we will abide by the BWF Laws of Badminton with a small twist. If in a match the first two games are split, meaning one team wins the first game and the other wins the second game, the third game will be played with a starting score of 16-16. This makes for an intense third game to allow our scheduling to operate smoothly while still providing each match a definitive result.


Before the start of the League, and after the registration deadline, a schedule will be published for the entire season. Every team is obligated to adhere to the start times for each week. We strongly advise each team to show up at least 15 minutes early to each match in order to warm up and check-in. If a team is not present by the start time of the match they will forfeit the match.

Weekly Lineup

Each week your team captain must submit the lineup four days in advance of when your league match is to be played. For example, if you have a match on Sunday you must submit your weekly lineup by the lineup deadline at Wednesday night at 11:59pm. If the weekly lineup is not submitted, the previous week’s lineup will be used by default. The team captain may not make changes to the lineup after the weekly deadline.

When making the lineup, each pair within a tie must be unique. In other words, when playing all matches vs another team, the same pair may not play together twice. Once you play a new tie the pairings will refresh. When creating the lineup the captain must rank the best pair in the first spot and the second best pair in the second spot, and so on. Often time the same player may be in the first and second spots. The league admin will use the pairings from all teams to create a match list.

Match Etiquette

Players should arrive 15 minutes early to all league matches in order to check-in and warm-up. Upon team captain’s arrival they must check in with the league admin and collect their score-sheets for the day. Upon arrival players must check-in with their captain to signify they are present.


After each game players shall record the score on the score sheet. After each match players shall circle the winning pair.


Playoff Qualification

Playoff qualification will be determined by the teams with the best win/loss record (in ties) after a season. If multiple teams have the same win/loss record the tie-breaker will go to the team that has won more individual matches. If the teams in question are still tied, the tie-breaker will then be decided by win/loss differential of individual games. If the teams in question are still tied, the tie-breaker will then be decided by overall point differential of points won/lost. If the teams in question are still tied, the league admin will flip a coin to decide who advances. In the case of a multiple-team tie, the league admin will draw names from a ‘hat,’ or a similar process of drawing lots.